phishingPhishing is an attempt to get you to divulge your secured access information while attempting to mimic your bank, credit card or other legitimate website. You could lose your money, your identity and your mind from these attempts if you’re not careful. The image in this post is real, I got it just a little while ago, purporting to be from Wells Fargo. Now, my first inkling that it was fake is that i don’t have a Wells Fargo account…I did, but I closed it. Secondly, no company will ask you to log into their site for a problem. So, my antennae were raised from the outset. Now, let’s look at the return email address. Do you think a legitimate corporate email would be fromĀ Nope! It’s from a hacked account at the University of Southern Mississippi. So, what do you do? Well, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS ON THE PAGE!! You can either delete the email or, better yet, forward it to the FBI at and let them take care of it. Now, In this case, I looked into who is and so I called the office of the president of the university and let them know of the issue. They will shut down the offending account, while the FBI looks into where the email was actually sent from.

Your data is critically important and you are the front line in it’s defense. We’re all busy and sometimes don’t read or think about our email communications carefully enough. This is real. It’s out there. Please be careful!